Saturday, September 05, 2015

InCon 2015 - Campaign of the Hundred Days - Waterloo

For the Sunday at the 2015 InCon, I had a combination of games, Napoleon by Avalon Hill (now published by the game creator in his company Columbia Games), Eagles - a card game of the Waterloo Campaign by Columbia Games and my own De Bellis Napoleone - using 15mm miniatures and a home-brew from Hordes of the Things by WRG.

the full set-up of the mix of games to run a Campaign of the Hundred Days
Sunday has always been a slower game day at the Dak-Kon, so here at InCon it came as no shock to me to see nearly no-one in the game hall until the early afternoon.  While downstairs the Magic game players were busy with their tournament, there were none in the Warhammer area, even the computer games were only 20% filled until noon.  I took the time to go see other parts of the event and connect with the RPG guys and other game demo group in the downstairs of the hall next door.  This was also when the photo fun happened with the 501st and other costume players (CosPlay).

In the afternoon it was fun to have a family of boys, with their dad engage in a full on game of Napoleon ... the boys dad ended up setting the troops up for the allies and the youngest sat with me and we 'played' the French.  While they were probably too young to understand everything, they did have fun with the dice and competing without having to 'hit' each other.

variant of Napoleon that brings in my 15mm troops
Later in the afternoon I had three keen boys to try out a game that could permit them to take on each other, there are very few good 3-player games.

everything was in action by the end of the day
While the other minis game tables were being packed up and the computer consoles were being turned off I was still in action with the three boys, this time showing off the Eagles card game system.

We had to wrap it all up at the ending time for the day and my table was the last one from the minis area to be packed up, though all the computers were silent as they had no more power to them, so essentially I was the last one in action in the building as the Magic tournament had ended three hours earlier.

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