Wednesday, June 25, 2014

English Civil War Parliamentary Force - a review

Entire force seen in overhead view deployed in lines
I took the opportunity to get out the English Civil War forces that I have been building over this past winter and spring and paraded them for the camera.

Jeff and I have been discussing flag sizes, so I decided to flag all the units and use this as a comparison opportunity also.

looking down the lines from the left flank

one of two 'commanded shotte' units, this one in black, the other in green

a selection of command figures, with the Cromwell pennon in the rear

view down the lines from the right flank

liens now switched to columns, with the horse leading
The foote flags are all two inches square (on the pole, the sticker is 2"x4" folded over the flagpole), while the horse are all one and one-half inches square (again on the pole).

the three blew foote regiments flags

the two red and one gray foote regiments flags

the three horse regiment flags

a closer comparison of the size of horse and foote flags


Jonathan Freitag said...

Nice display! Your army is lurking in some pretty thick cover. Great flags. Tempts me to pull my ECW collection out for a game.

MurdocK said...

Thank you Jonathan, Yes the lawn does need some re-trimming.

Likely before the next Garden Wars game.

You have an ECW force(s)?

Do you have a campaign plan or other means to set-up games with other players?

Would you be interested in such a group?

Would you be interested in proxy battles?

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Nice to see your ECW army on parade - looking good.

Actual sizing of flags (from a quick check)
horse - 2ft x 2ft square
foot- 6ft x 6ft square

James Fisher, FINS said...

They will be easy to find in the garden with those flags! Lookin' good David.

MurdocK said...

Yes the BIG FLAGS are a test, as Jeff and I are both of the opinion that these are game pieces and we want them to be more easily seen. Were we to transfer those flag sizes, then the foot would be 1"x1" square and the cavalry ones would not be worth it to even print as the miniature flag pole is 1/3 of the pennant size.

I use flags for foot that size with my Napoleonic troops and have had folks complain that they are not easily seen, strange I know.

I am also not a 'button counter' game player, so I have done my commanded shot in black and green, just because those two colors were not used by the other troops in the Edgehill Campaign.