Thursday, October 10, 2013

100 Days Campaign

Draft game map from Cyberboard
Just open musing about running a 100 Days Campaign, the 1815 "Waterloo" slug fest with three first class armies in a narrow region of Belgium.

Not a full call-out for players, just an expression of interest.

I have run this Campaign using the Napoleon board game and some of my 15mm minis in the past.  This time round I plan to use my 25mm minis and a much more detailed map, along with a more 'kreigspeil' story-telling approach.

Sample of 15mm game from Waterloo Campaign in 2002

Sample of 15mm game from Waterloo Campaign in 2004

Sample of 15mm game from Waterloo Campaign in 2004

I believe this will permit many more players to take part and expand the fun for everyone.

Post a comment or let me know if you are keen to command, take on a proxy battle tabletop game or a few and or BOTH!


Archduke Piccolo said...

Call this an expression of interest. Although I have played in the occasional on line thing before (play by email) I'm not sure what will be required for this campaign.

I may be able to carry out some 'proxy' battles too...

MurdocK said...

Hello Ion!

Thank you for your expression of interest.

We will run the moves by email, using Cyberboard, so having that program on your computer will make running the game faster, however we have one player right now in the Campaign of Nations game who does not issue his orders in the program.

So there are ways to get into the game without having the software, though it makes it harder to have all he details if you are not using the program.

Proxy battles are going to take on the full scale of engagement in a campaign setting. We will be looking for skirmish level actions, where a brigade may encounter another brigade - possibly down to 1-1 scale actions with riflemen and voltiguers or Light Dragoons and Lancers.

Obviously the big battles are also on the table for such actions, though the idea is to co-ordinate such battles with others at the same time ... so that neither commander may be able to adjust their 'play' accounting for losses etc at the other battle site.

As for time, I think that you are looking at 30 minutes a move (maybe 1 per week?) after the first move and planning time; which may take 2-3 hours depending on the other players.

Uunless you are running a proxy battle - and then the amount of time taken is under your control.

Archduke Piccolo said...

H'mmm - I don't have cyberboard software - that might rule me out for playing in the main campaign. However, I reckon I'm still good for proxy battles if you need those done.

I had better ask now, though, is to what extent the boys must me 'per spec'. My biggest Allied army is in fact Austrian (and these have helmets rather than shakos). My Russians are short horse and guns and are likely to remain so for quite a while. And I don't have French Allies, though I'm planning on building a Saxon army some time soon.

I have plenty of stuff I can 'ring in' but will understand that 'for the look of the thing' you might prefer the actual.