Thursday, October 17, 2013

ECW preparations continue

ECW Planning books
At the risk of sounding like something from a shopping guide, I shall share some of the recent additions to my game research library.

The English Civil War takes on center stage, something that Bluebear Jeff will no-doubt like to hear.

I picked up the Edgehill 1642 Campaign book and Cavalry and Infantry of the Elite line by Osprey for Soldiers of the English Civil War.  This should feed in all the detail information I need to put color into the troops now massing.

Speaking of the massing, I also picked up some 10 meters of .64mm wire for use as pikes and spears!

A replacement tool was needed for my flush cutter, as the old one was no longer cutting 'flush'.  I decided to spend a bit more than usual on what I hoped would be a higher quality product, I am most pleased with the results from this tool!  The cutting head is hard and sharp and the 'flush' element is excellent, now to see how long it will keep working with the sometimes heavy load I put through such tools.

Finally I have added the Prussian personalities to my list and will have the key elements and commanders all ready for Waterloo.

A great 90 minutes in Imperial Hobbies.


tidders said...

Those Osprey books are good references - nice choice

-- Allan

Bluebear Jeff said...

Argh! I keep needing to find something I like for pikes for my forces.

Meanwhile assembling all of the fiddly plastic bits for the Warlord figures drags on.

-- Jeff

David Cooke said...

What rules are you thinking of using?

MurdocK said...

Thank you Allan.

Jeff, have you stuck your fingers together much? LOL

David, I think we will start with Victory Without Quarter, though Jeff has another set that some promise.

In the end I suspect that a house-set will be worked on, something of a hybrid of VWQ and Jeff's Tricorne Wars set.