Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 6

As part of the Campaign of Nations game a further skirmish game was played out in the UK by veteran players, who had earlier in the day been to Triples.

This game had started before the conclusion of Game 5, so the players did not know that they were playing out a potentially series ending match.

The Lancers came out triumphant over the Cossacks
The report came in via Skype, while a possible Game 7 was in progress:

Cossacks spotted very early enabled Polish Big Man (officer) to send for re-inforcements. With the run of the cards the fighting between the opposing forces was fairly even, more stand-offish with a few individual combats. Only inflicting light wounds.
Cossack Big Man eventually was able to send for the troops but it was too late.
The remainder of the Polish Line Lancers, 60 strong which had been held back as a reserve, arrived on the front and right flank of the Cossacks. The Cossacks used their expert riding skills to leave the field of battle VERY quickly, leaving 25% of their original number (16) dead or too seriously injured on the field.
After a short pursuit the Polish Squadron commander reined his troops in and returned to their starting point, job done. He did however double the level of skirmishing troops to his front. And moved his reserve position closer to them just in case!!!
This has been a lot of fun to organize and now I must report off the Campaign critical information to the relevant player.

Thank you, Mike, Rafa, Jim, Peter and Eric for your actions in this Skirmish Series!

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MurdocK said...

the possible 'Game 7" was being played as the data came in that the Lancers had won game 6 ... had there been a need for a game 7, the prospects for a Cossack final victory were very good.

The Series being won already we simply wrapped up the game as was and were glad for some fun time together.