Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cossack & Lancer Skirmish Series - Game 4

As part of the Campaign of Nations game, the fourth game of the Skirmish series was run in UK by talented veteran players, who had just returned from Triples.

Polish Lancers struck hard at the Cossacks in Game 4
The fast report sent to this writer via Skype was:

the French Vistula Legion Lancers scoring a resounding win over the Cossacks.  A solid charge cut down around half the Cossacks after being caught by surprise.

This tied up the series at two games each.

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Jiminho said...

Ha! Unlucky Cossacks!

Actually, I think the Lancers must win this, they are pretty much a safe bet in any combat that isn't better than 3:2 in favour of the Cossacks.