Friday, February 15, 2013

Cornfield carpet fields

While waiting for a tire change, in November of last year, I took the opportunity time to see if there were any carpet ends or other useful flooring materials at a nearby flooring shop.

A great guy, Sean Morgan, was willing to hear me out and did have a curved section at the end of a suitable piece of carpeting, which he cut off for me.

I then took the cut section and re-cut it so that it could fit in my storage box and do the 'job' of being the more or less rectangular corn fields.

My next task was to brew coffee, yup some nice Hawaiian Kona blend.

top - carpet ; second down - layering on the coffee mix ; second from bottom - coffee mix drying ; bottom - staining effect (still wet)

From the cooled grounds I added a bit more water and then placed the mixture into the depressions in the carpet so as to give the deeper sections a darker coloring.

I let that dry for about three days.

Brushed off the dried grounds into my rose bush and let the carpet dry off even more.

The cornfield carpet fields saw their first use on the tabletop in the First Battle of Potsdam in the Campaign of Nations play-test.


tidders said...

simple solution to the throny problem of representing cornfields.

I use sections of brown carpet tile for ploughed files and plain Brown coir fibre doormatfor corn fields

-- Allan

Rafael Pardo said...

A good solution. I am searching for a similar one