Saturday, February 02, 2013

Austrian Napoleonic Infantry - Work in Progress 3

Further major work done now on the Austrian Foot, some 124 of them.

They are all in the helmets of the Austrian Empire, issued till 1806 with many units retaining them until the major fighting in 1809, then a few keeping them up to the end of the Napoleonic era.

The white is built up from layers of progressively lighter and lighter blue.

now the white uniforms take shape, with the Jagers or Chassuers in their Corsican hats in gray
here is seen the Hungarian styled troops with their blue trousers and yellow Hungarian Knot loops
At this point the yellow of the comb/crests was done and the flag poles get their yellow, then red and finally black rings.

The major white layer is last, at this point the flag poles are also 'touched up' to bring out the white stripes.

taking ever better view with the collars & cuffs, then metallic elements
more detail on the Hungarian troops
The last stage before the gloss coat consists of the metallic layer.  For these Austrians in helmets that takes a bit of extra time, since all the helmet detail is actually brass works and fittings on the steel helmets.

For the officers there also appears to have been a brass fitting under the black over yellow comb - which makes for tricky painting at times.

Last touch ups are done and then all is ready for the gloss layer and flocking. 

Final pictures of this division to come soon.


Jiminho said...

You're a painting machine, David! They are coming along well.

I think that you said your army was in 20mm (or was itHO?), is that correct? Here is the inevitable question - what make are these (they look very nice)? I had a look at some Newline 20mm napoleonics recently (their British I think it was), they were quite impressive.



MurdocK said...

Thank you Jim.

They are 25/28 mm (a bit on the smaller side so 26mm?) scale.

They are a kitbash of Foundry bodies with a head (with the helmet) that I found in a pile of other lead. I had to fix the musket on the standing guy. The officers are all Foundry ones. I then made a mold of the kitbash standing guy and cast them all (hence the 'off scale' for them).

Rafael Pardo said...

The blue undercoat trick seems to give good results for the white uniforms. I will try it!

MurdocK said...

Yes Rafa I first was introduced to the blue layers under white when experimenting with painting Star Wars Stormtroopers with speed.

By using a sloppy wet brush for the dark blue and medium blue layers then the 'shadows' sections of the minis come out great.

going over the final work with just pure titanium white paint to 'touch' with almost a dry brush makes for great final highlights on the white uniforms.