Sunday, February 10, 2013

Austrian Napolenic Infantry - Helmets Finished

Austrian Force in Helmets - Hungarians in the center
The Austrian white coats were actually finished at the end of January, I was not able to get them out to a final photo until just today.

The last stages for me now are the gloss coat, which I have been doing recently with sprays.  I have liked the effect of the varnishes, however I do not have the same workspace with good ventilation any more and so have to console myself with the shiny more toy soldier look.

Closer view of the final stage, flocking of the fender washer bases
This force of Austrians is a replacement for one that I sold a couple of years ago, now being replaced as it is needed for the Campaign of Nations game I am running.

closer views of the finished product
Your thoughts and commentary are welcomed.


daveb said...

Looking quite sharp IMO. These are 15mm?

Phil said...

Very nice looking Austrians...

MurdocK said...

They are 25mm, I tend to use more of an artistic approach and leave some details 'fuzzy' by quickly painting rather than doing outlining and lots of precision.

I do that detail on the leader figures as they tend to get more attention from the cameras etc.

This way the masses are done quickly and to an acceptable table standard.

James Fisher, FINS said...

They look great David and you knocked them out in record time!
I have my own Kaiserlick production line going to have troops ready for the campaign and our scheduled battles for the bicentennial. I am a long way behind your wonderful figures though!

MurdocK said...

Thank you James.

Looking forward to seeing the masses you guys use in action!