Sunday, April 22, 2012


A fresh inspiration. I have opened up some space in my storage system to permit some new metal to get painted. This time some 'improvised' Brunswick troops.
I say 'improvised' as I am using Austrians as the Brunswick troops, I did some sculpting of the plumes that I have seen depicted in a variety of sources. Hawthornewaite mentions the artillerymen as using Hussar costume, since I do not have any gunners in stovepipe with hussar uniform, I am using French Horse gunners for the task. With the sharp looking black uniforms and the subtle piping used on these uniforms all should be done very quickly. I was prompted to move on this project by the lack of any Black troops for the Quatre Bras scenario. More will be coming for my black legion, with some death's head Hussars and a force of Uhlans (raised in 1813-14 and used at Quatre Bras and Waterloo). Also on the horizon are a force of Dutch, I was going to add some more Frenchmen, this way I get to have troops for double duty!


Rafael Pardo said...

I hate black uniforms (and white ones also) because the shadows and lights are very difficult to master.
Waiting to see your results

MurdocK said...

Black is a unique challenge.

I have found some ways to work 'with black' from some old painting magazines (in the 80's) that were dealing with 54mm and 90 mm models along with a treatment of the Darth Vader figures that have come out over the years.

By taking a peek at the Star Wars minis below (though gloss coated) you can see the subtle grays that I have worked into the painting for his armor. The real challenge I find is how to get the black to work out with some limited highlighting and not look like a polished onyx.