Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Star Wars'ish Encounter

Another tabletop battle with my boys leading the way.

This time it was space game that the middle-son wanted and we did a battle.

The attackers were a bunch of misfits from an Imperial dominated world that were given an AT-ST to support their attack on some bunkers held by Space Pirates who had hired Ugnaughts as 'heavy hands' that were terrorizing the good 'tax-paying consumers' of the Imperial goods and services.

Just for good measure the Imperial high command had sent along a representative to ensure that everything went correctly. His escort was a Dark Trooper Phase-1.

The situation for the defenders was poor to start with and went bad quickly as the AT-ST's guns tore a hole in the electric fence, then disabled the power supply for the rest of the fence.

Not wanting to be outdone the Dark Trooper used his jump-jets to decend into the trench that a bunch of Pirates had dug for support between two of their bunkers.

On landing he took out the squad leader then kept four Ugnaughts at bay while taking them down one at a time.

Meanwhile the local militia had advanced into the breach in the electric fence while the AT-ST's rapid fire cannon was keeping a squad pinned in a bunker.

The Dark Trooper was strong, but not strong enough as one of the Ugnaughts got a lucky shot at him and broke through his armor.

The Imperial Rep., not wanting to loose the situation as well as his bodyguard ordered the STAR DESTROYER in orbit to commence a bombardment on the nearby bunkers.

The end of the situation for the Pirates consisted of their fleeing into the last bunker as the Imperial Star Destroyer completed the ORBITAL BOMBARDMENT taking them out as the local militia and AT-ST fled the area!


rpardo said...

Shadow of the past... I also played Star Wars with my son ... 20 years ago...

MurdocK said...

Well I could not have done so...20 years my sons are only 9, 5 and 3 right now.

I only got into the game after the 1991 rules set Star Wars Miniatures Battles came out. Then I got a few minis and played the game(s). I have always liked the system as it has a good "squad" combat system that allows for weapons from the dark ages to the space age!

Combined with the 'hero' part of the system it allows for certain role-playing elements that young players crave...a moment to shine during the game and tell a great story.

tradgardmastare said...

Looks fun! I have only daughters who can't quite be guided /persuaded to game...

MurdocK said...

Well if you look closely you can see a young girl...she comes over to enjoy the energy of three active boys.

While you and I might enjoy the games that concentrate on military history...perhaps you could interest your girl(s) in a tabletop simulation of something they are interested in?

Yes I know that this may mean doing something that is not related to military anything...however it can become a gateway.

Have you looked into Caracassonne? or Settlers of Catan?

While these are board games they include good strategic thinking elements and can become a starting point for the more tactical aspects of (at least) medaeval warfare. Then once you have any one of them 'hooked' into the start of gunpowder era you are well on your way to the tricorne era that many EvE players enjoy.

Another thought that comes to mind is to perhaps engage the daughters in the imaginary story telling that you are doing with your blog...the lives and loves etc of great historical figures can be another great starting point. It may be more role-playing than miniatures battle, and again it is a place to start!