Tuesday, January 06, 2009

1809 Campaign continues to dominate my planning and thoughts.

I have plenty of Austrians in helmets to paint and many Frenchmen that should serve as a variety of forces in any campaign game.

Currently I have been assembling a map and control system for use across the internet so that the massive moving armies can be properly accounted for in their movements.

This way great encounters should be able to be organized...from the single piquet actions to the company assaults at bridges over the Danube like Regensberg...to field actions such as Sacile and Raab.

I do not have the forces needed to do such massive things as Aspern-Essling or Wagram...though I could do smaller 'parts' of these great battles, I think it would be great to connect with some other gamers to run a massive series of battles over the summer months ... possibly connecting with some gamers that can simulate something like Essling or Wagram.

Drop me an email if you think you might like to take part.

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rpardo said...

Hi Murdock
I am interested to play your campaign game
Vive l'Empereur!