Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clash of Empires
War of the 5th Coalition

At least I have a catchy name for my Coalition Wars project.

For now more development is called for.

My initial view was to try and arrange a series of games connected to the 5th Coalition, perhaps with Empires in Arms or some other boardgame being used to 'set-up' the tabletop situations. This has changed.

I reviewed Bruce Quarries suggestions to use the ONC series of maps and permit the players to fully organize their own columns. With bases, cantonments, supply lines and the like spread all over the map. I like this approach as it permits more players to take part, and expanding the game is easier.

For now I am still seeking the primary players, for Austria and France.
Still seeking some referees for the 'big picture' stuff, that will be moderated using the ONC maps, possibly scanned and then plugged into some map control or manipulation software. I am still partial to incorporating cyberboard somehow as it will permit the administration of so much of the game to be done easier and to track what is where and when in a simple way. Simplifying any parts of this game plan will be critical.

Coming up will be a search for more players and the tabletop(s) to run the game(s) on.

One thing that another technical savvy gamer pointed out recently was to try and have webcams or other 'live' inputs for the players not at the table...possibly putting the cameras down low (for a more accurate perspective), then having them 'pan' about a bit so that the web player can 'scan' the field before amending his orders...

All of these items and more are on the table at this point, more to do...including casting enough Austrians for me to paint over the wet monsoon months.


Jerry said...

I'll help you paint Austrians if you like.

MurdocK said...

Woo Hoo!

Well that means a paint day is in to find the hole in my calendar.

Bluebear Jeff said...


As you know, I wish you much luck with this project (even though I'm not a Nappy fan).

-- Jeff