Friday, September 19, 2008

5th Coalition Wars

More thinking about the 1809 Campaign Idea.

I have reviewed Bruce Quarrie's "Napoleon's Campaigns in Miniature" again, and have resolved to work out the 'big picture' using many of the concepts he covers.

The main point being to use the Operational Navigational Chart - ONC series. It is 1:1,000,000 scale, meaning that a single milimeter on the map equals 1 km on the earth. This also makes controlling the far flung situations easier...though I am still considering working on a Cyberboard Game box to handle much of these functions simpler also.

Part of the desire to put it into some electronic form is the need to have many GM's should all the people I am contacting want to take some part...

Still musing and still taking in the emails about others thoughts regarding such a cross-continental plan.

I am also planning to use some Global Navigational Charts - GNC series to help 'manage' the really big picture!


Jerry said...

I'm not that familiar with Cyberboards, had to look it up in fact.

I have AH's War and Peace if it would be of any use to you. Europe map, era appropriate counters, and there is probably a cyberboard made for it already.

The counters are generic in strength points, but have leader names which is nice.

MurdocK said...

Yes thanks Jerry,

I have the cyberboard for Empires in Arms and the boardgame for it also. I also have War and Peace in boardgame format.

The problem is with many of these games is that they abstract much of the detail, and in the game I am looking at we need those details to be available, so that the game becomes scaleable and inclusive to more players.

I am seeing a way that the game will include small skirmishes and great gigantic battlefields filled with 100,000's of soldiers (as a good Napoleonic era battlefield should!). I see small single action games, storming a bridgehead or sneaking across a river with a company of Voltigeurs to 'probe' the enemy defences and find the opposition sentries. I see main line battles, I see the maneuvering of great columns of troops across the continent as integral parts of the same game.

I see the potential for a social network of gamers from across the globe...all I am trying to focus on now is "how"?