Monday, September 22, 2008

Clash of Empires

Key players are now something of a focus, since I should have to get on with drafting them.

For the French the most important will be Napoleon, however, interestingly enough, I will not need to have this player decided on first.

Others in the French camp are Marshals Berthier, Davout, Massena, Bernadotte, Bessieres, and Lannes. Also are Generals Oudinot and Marmont. Key alternate theatre players are needed to fill the roles of Viceroy Eugene in Italy (to start) and Prince Poniatowski (in the Grand Duchy of Warsaw). That makes about 11 players potential here, with just the Corps commanders (not including the Guard = which I had thought to put in the Bonaparte player's hands).

For Austria the players will need to fill a variety of diverse roles: From the Emperor Francis I (yes his role may be filled by a referee, but an active player could also be fun = especially if they are totally separated from the tabletop actions). Archdukes Charles, John and Ferdinand round out the imperial family. From the military side there are roles for FML Nordmann, Kolowrat, Rosenberg, Louis, Keinmayer, and Hiller; GdK Bellegarde and Lichtenstein (a very important role as this commander was very much in the confidence of Archduke Charles the Generalissmus); also FZM Kolowrat. Further consideration is being given to players taking on roles like the parts of the Aulic Council, chief of staff Mayer and more political positions like Metternich.

The inclusion of personalities like Metternich also lead to considering things like the Fouche, Murat and Talleyrand plot along with the ongoing Talleyrand informant role that was going on between Talleyrand and Metternich.

Other possibilities that may be taken on by players, or left in the hands of referees are roles fr Tsar Alexander (goaded on by the Doawager Empress), King Fredrich III of Prussia (or some members of the Prussian court who are both hawks and doves) and the ever-present British hands, offering cash or a landing in the low countries to 'mix the pot'. Whom might be chosen as the 'action' part for these forces are yet to be decided.

The action areas are also going to be left more to the players design, indeed I am toying with the idea of simply naming the Austrian rump left over in 1806 and permitting the players of the Austrian forces to re-organize, recruit and train as they please for three (relative) years during the pre-game setup so that they get the sense for all the troops under their command and the supply and services that such an army needs; for this was something that the Austrian commands at least were good at.

More to do obviously but I wanted to toss all this out into the mix as fodder for the coming disucssions.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I don't want to throw 'cold water' on your project . . . but isn't this getting to be rather HUGE?

Just from my experience with other gaming projects, I'd council starting with something that requires fewer people.

Remember, a small campaign can grow larger . . . and a big one can quickly bog down simply due to its size.

I DO wish you good fortune with this, but I worry that you may be setting your sights on too ambitious a project.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Thank you for your concern Jeff.

I have also some of the same concerns, thus my early search will center around a good 'pair' of players to take on the roles of Charles and Berthier.

Allowing for momentum to build.

I have also been 'marketing' to my extensive gamers lists and may have 2-3 more players and another two game tables in 15mm to support this action.

I also have sent out an email to 30-40 others listed on the net as interested players in such an action. Two different Napoleonic Societies are also listed as having gaming collections and groups. There are also a number of re-enactor groups that speak of kreigspielers who may have interest in 'filling out' the ranks.

At this stage is the time to expend the 'hot air' and discover if there are interested players...then allow them to track some of the developments and decide if they are interested for more.

rpardo said...

I am interested to take part in your game. Howver, I would rather to prefer a subordinate role (Davout style)

MurdocK said...


Actually I was sort of hoping you might be willing to take on something like the "alternate" theatre at the start of the campaign like Italy or Poland?

How many czapka wearing troops do you have?

You might also be interested in taking on 'flank action' role as a tabletop...since others might put forward the commands to you and as you have the (minis) troops to lay out on the tabletop you can then 'take' the actions as ordered by others...sort of like tabletop games by remote control.