Sunday, August 24, 2008


Below you will find a posting about a recent game of Quatre Bras that I did with my son last month.

He had a great time setting up the map...I just gave him the basic map and some materials, showed him where I had mowed back the lawn (and not) so that Bossu Woods would be represented by tall grasses and left him to do the rest.

We used SHAKO rules at double scale. It was near the end of the game when my son exclaimed that he finnaly SAW what was going on with the tabletop games. That he had the sense of movement and counter-movement that we had talked about before while using the tabletop minis.

Perhaps this make an argument better for the use of 6mm figs on the tabletop...

For me I think it means I may need to investigate 54mm figs, so as to better game out Garden Wars!


Bluebear Jeff said...

It might well be worth investigating the big soft plastic figures . . . with paint and basing they would be great for "Garden Wars".

-- Jeff

rpardo said...

Wowww.... I love that BIG battlefield..... and Ney watching the battle!

tidders said...

Looks like you had great fun with the Quatre Bras refight.

I'm suprised you didn't have more 'big foot' casualties.

Bigger plastic figs would probably be better for outdoors.

- Allan

rpardo said...

Hey Murdock... what's the site for your 'War of the 5th Coalition' Project?