Thursday, August 21, 2008

Battle of Vimeiro

or as the British came to call it "Vimera".

Wellsleys first real test of battlefield command in the Peninsular War.

His forces had advanced at Rolica, though he outnumbered his opponent by close to 3-1, ultimately the French did at least partially achieve their aim of slowing down the British advance, so that General Junot could assemble his forces.

The British did not advance at the same pace after Rolica, due to Wellsley learning of the impending landing of more British Troops. The decision was made to land them at Porto Novo, with the main body covering the landings near Vimeiro.

So it was that General Junot, intent on breaking up the British opposition to the Imperial plans in Portugal, advanced on the British...unaware that more red-coated infantry had landed and that he, Junot, would have to fight a larger force than his own...

So the field of Mars on this day, 200 years ago, was before the village of Vimeiro.

I hope to get in a game of this battle on the coming weekend.

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