Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On this day, 20 August 1808, General Wellesley issued a general order to the effect that:

"...queues were abolished and it was ordered that the hair should be cut short at the neck."

I have been about a long-haired experiment that is coming to an end. Not unlike the British soldiery, I have come to dislike the hair tieing exercise and this day will attend to the removal of my 'ode to the 18th Century'. Going back to a much shorter cropped hair, something that I have had most of my life.

Further that "...the use of hair powder and wigs was to be strictly an option for officers and senior NCO's."

For me: "Wigs? Not with the crop of thick hairs I have already!"
Further: "Powder! Why waste such a valuable store on your hair!"

*wink* I know, it was not gunpowder used in their hair!

The cheering in the ranks only slowed down long enough for the barbers to get about their business.

See Vimeiro 1808 and regimental regulations for details.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Bravo - much easier to look after!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Is Lucy cutting it? Lani's been very happy with her cuts.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Yes Lucy has been maintaining the coif all along...

The best part about the 'last cut' is that the nearly 11 inch long 'queue' is going to become part of a wig someday and help someone undergoing cancer treatment have better self-esteem.

Bluebear Jeff said...

That's wonderful . . . a very good and generous thing to do. I'd do it but I seem to be rather challenged with my bald head . . . and I doubt they'd want my chin whiskers.

-- Jeff