Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Unter-Schweingau "revisited"

At the same time I also did one series during the Unter-Schweingau proxy battle.

Likewise the 'postcard' is available upon request.


Snickering Corpses said...

That's a pretty neat setup. What's the program that does the panoramics called?

MurdocK said...

It's called 'pix-around' and was free as part of a sound blaster program a few years ago.

Of course now they want $$$ for it.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I like it.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

The problem with this picture is that I was not 'still' when I took the the angle changes over the length of the table.

It had been a long time since I had made any of these pictures and I forgot to stand "still" while shooting the pics that would go into the composite shot.

Bluebear Jeff said...


Did you get either of the emails I sent you about the April 6 game?

I sent one to your "planning" address and one to your regular address a week ago or so.

-- Jeff