Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Girls and miniatures games.

An interesting question was posed and today I had opportunity to ask it of the young (eight) girl that played in last week's game (and a few others over last summer).

According to her:

"I like to play them because you get to kill [knock over] the men as you play.
I like it that you get to choose your own [coloured] troops.
I like the fun of play where you can imagine the things that are happening."

Some of her thoughts may be coming from the games that she plays with my eldest son (also 8, soon to be 9 [or is that 19?]) and they tend to play using my fantasy miniatures, which is more of a kreigspeil where stories about their 'imaginary' contests are told as they play...

It was an interesting question and one worthy of exploring.

What have been your experiences?

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