Wednesday, February 27, 2008


There was a field of 8 entries in three categories for the painting contest.

My entry of Napoleon and escourt at Eylau, in the vehicle, construct, or unit up to 8" in size was the winner in that category, though I was not the overall painting contest winner.

JEFF (of Bluebear Jeff and Stagonian Jeff fame) was the Best Overall Player winner!
Once again 3 Arcadians won in the 4 categories at the event, I am very proud to be part of the group that has connection to so many good game players and game masters.

This will be an early return only as I have more notes to pour over from the tabletop teaser and some thoughts to add to that game.

The event was, quiet, to use a simple word.

With only about 25 or so gamers through most of the day and the vast majority interested in RPG's I was happy to have one active player for one of the time sessions for my SHAKO game.

There were three other major games, all role-playing focussed at the same time, one other tabletop game ... Zombies! That game was actually won by my eldest son, whom later came to 'help out' dad by taking active command of the French to finish the Shako game.

I finished up the Saturday with a fun game of Bamboo Dragon, aka "Tall" from the 'Firefly' TV series.

Then watched a Railroad Tycoon game get started, including my own little 'prize' to sweeten the pot for their game. I had managed to get a small .1 karat, cut and polished piece of Andalusite. It was for presentation to the winner of the Shako game, but my player had to go to take care of work and none others came in until my son filled in the last 'charge'. Leaving me with the prize I chose to extend it out to a newer game group in the Comox Valley and I hope that they can connect with us all more.

I ended the night with a game of Eagles, with an avid card player and someone whom found the whole game very enjoyable...we did Lingy and while I won it was not without great losses.

Sunday saw a game of A&A Europe, I was happy that my son came out again. The day was really for him as he had loads of fun in the afternoon once the Magic players started to get bored.

The entire event had a "first con" feeling to it, with a lot of familiar faces having a chance to just chat. My son got to win a game and then spent plenty of time simply looking about and asking loads of questions about the games in progress around him.

On the grand scale of conventions this one rates a 2 out of 10 for me, for game only events it rates a 5 out of 10.

I still miss Kelly.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

I had a good time . . . but there were fewer attendees than there were last year by a considerable amount . . . and fewer games.

Nevertheless I had a grand time. Not only was I awarded the "Best Overall Player" award, but I also managed to win one of the many "door prizes" each of the two days.

I only played one game on Sunday -- my first ever game of "Catan" -- and I was a bit fortunate and eked out a win. I'd long wanted to try the game but had never before had a chance to try it. It is a good game and I can see why it is so popular.

-- Jeff