Monday, January 07, 2008

More painting progress...

At last the ink stage is done and now the details get to be 'filled in'.

Fell on the deck today while toting in some rain and snow will turn almost any surface into a skating rink.

That slowed me down for a few hours.

Then the opportunity time for painting got the better of me and I got busy for an hour and a half this evening.

All the greys and blues got their 3rd layer color, then it was time to ink in faces, hands and the bodies of the horses.

Remember that you can 'clik a pic' to see it larger.

The tricornes and Dragoons have developed at least as well as anticipated, I recall someone whom pointed out the technique I use saying that '...until the final layer they {the miniatures} will look like hell.'

A closeup of the Jagers and insurrectio forces, the Korsehut (Corsican Hat) of the Jagers will take on a distict look as will the less formal dress of the irregulars.

The horses taking on their mix of brown and black ink really bring out the character of these pieces, all that remains now is 'markings' and tack.

edited on 8 Jan 08, this should 'fix' the image problems?


Bluebear Jeff said...


Sorry to hear about your fall . . . my ankle is showing some improvement.

I presume that you know you've "double-posted" this post . . . but in case you didn't know it, you have.

I suggest that you delete the one following this via the "Manage: Posts" button on the Dashboard.

And, of course, the SYW figures look MUCH BETTER than those Napoleonic scum . . . *grin*.

-- Jeff

Steve said...

...well that's one good piece of news - as there were two posts I thought you'd fallen twice! Gald that it didn't seem to be too serious though...

Your painting style for your horses is similar to mine, I think the only difference between us is what colour you use as the base before moving on to the inks....

MurdocK said...

Yes thank you jeff about the double post. I think it happened due to the long delay in the 2-parts it got composed in.

Steve, I take credit for the application of the paint, but the faster method comes from bluebear jeff and this posting.

I have only added a few bits of my own to the general method.

For my part it is the SPEED of the technique that I like. Were I to have to do lots of cavalry in one go now I do not feel overwhelmed anymore.

andygamer said...

I can't see the photos, they're just the red X in the tiny box outline thing, after you've deleted the extraneous posting.

MurdocK said...

ok andygamer, I have refreshed the page and all the images work for me (not coming from my own stored pics, but from the blogger connections).

Try again, if the images do not come up refresh your browser.

Tell me again if you still cannot access the images as I will want to correct that.

Bluebear Jeff said...

The photos work for me too.

-- Jeff

andygamer said...

Yes. All are visible now. (Thanks.)

andygamer said...

Oh. And I can hardly wait to see the finished product.