Thursday, January 10, 2008

2007, in Review

In just one posting I wanted to take a look back, at the year - in game and production- that was for the MarauderS:

EYLAU Feb 2007: DAK-KON Best Presentation Winner
Refight of the battle in a convention setting, complete with blowing snow effects!

Over the Year 2007 I painted:
341 Infantry (or gunners for artillery, Engineers, Sappers, Miners etc)
77 Cavalry (including 10 'fantasy' ones for Warhammer)
19 Guns
12 ADC's (both mounted and on foot)
12 Artillery "markers"
3 Full Pontoons, with construction supplies and spare pontoon boat for each 'set'
16 Starships & 25 Fighters (for Full Thrust battles)
1 Hordes army and 1 DBA army
1 Titan and;
Built a Church out of Linka modeling materials.
(not included above but also started are 28 Jagers, 37 Irregulars, 24 "Tricorned" Infantry, 13 Light Dragoons and 3 ADC's Colonels)

FREIDLAND June 2007:
200th Anniversary re-fight over two weekends with five players taking active parts!

Table Top Teaser: Wagon Train
Played out three times on my tabletop.

October 2007: Battle by Proxy at Offenbach
A battle faught in connection with the Emperor vs. Elector blog.

November 2007: LATIVM CVP, De Bellis Antiquitatis Tournament.
A 15mm semi-annual tournament. This time round with a field of 5 players.
Our own Bluebear Jeff was the winner, posting the first ever undefeated run to the championship!

All in all I should say a very productive year!

By some of the 'points' systems I have seen being used I did about 650 last year and with my ambitions plans for the coming year hope to surpass that total in 2008!


rpardo said...

Happy new Year (with some delay). I like the snow and fog effects on your Eylau game!

Steve said...

Crikey - did you have any time to sleep????!

Fitz-Badger said...

Kudos to you and to Jeff!

MurdocK said...

Thank you gents.

Yes it was the 'snow' effects that won the award in the end, as we did not game through the entire battle. Only up to Davout's arrival which was just in time to save the French from a collapse!