Thursday, January 17, 2008

Continued Dragoons

The brushes got busy today with a chance to actually focus for a bit of time.

This time the flesh got finished off, highlights got put on the blues, greys and browns, along with the muskets taking on the more 'wooden' colours for their stocks. I saw the clock was running short so I filled in the blacks for the tricornes and the pouches that have been 'slopped over'.

Sadly the clock ran out before I could do the musket barrels and bindings, they will come next. Following that will be highlight colours for the yellows, greens and reds. Then the lace and metallics.

The horse will get their takc and 'markings' at that point.


abdul666 said...

What period are they intended for?

While bicorns & tricorns may be 'dated', those in caps can fit in any late 17th - mid 19th C. setting.

Compliments for the brushwork!

MurdocK said...

The 'soft caps' marching men are meant to act as Spanish irregulars. I had done some more research about this sort of costume and found the Austrian Insurrectio also wore a similar dress (these troops faught against Turks for 300 years in the Balkans).

So I decided to make a few formations of them for use in a variety of situations.

Thanks for your compliments.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, more colorful troops to swell the armies of Murdock.

No doubt I'll end up seeing some of these on the table top before the year's out.

-- Jeff