Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A sneak peek at the Burtzenian Forces.

Jeff appears to have something on his mind, regarding a little 'inaugural battle' of some sort and has asked me to snoop about and see if I could snaffle up some white coated Burtzenians.

So I have and in the process took a picture of them.

Since this has eaten up some of the time otherwise devoted to brushworks and other things I decided to make use of the picture again here.

Of note also is the two more 'battalions' of four companies each of more tricorned white coated Burtzenians with blue and purple facings along with a couple more mounted officers. Which could be made ready in time for any action after the 16th?

It would be a stretch to have them ready that fast but it could be done.


Bluebear Jeff said...

We have to find a time that you and Pete have off together . . . and you know the vagaries of his schedule.

He said that Tuesdays -- day or evening -- is the best time for him (but not next week).

Other than that, we may have to play it by ear.

And, it certainly looks like you'll have more than enough forces for what I have in mind.

However, I do need you to give me names for the officers and units per the WAG page -- including those that took part in the last action (what unit numbers were they?).

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

The troops from the battle of Offenbach were 'french' mercenaries, paid for by VILE Stagonia.

Not Burtzenians, only the brigadier, one Prinz Robert (the) Axe was from Burtzenia, obviously a bit short of cash...

andygamer said...

I recognize that most of your line infantry are Dixon SYW Prussians, but I was wondering about the bicorne troops. Are they old Wargames Foundry French Revolution Prussians?

MurdocK said...

I am not perfectly certain of the manufacturer, they may be old foundry minis, I got them from eBay. They were supposed to be Prussians from the period up to 1806.

The hat is actually called a Casquet, at least according to Haythornwaite in The Napoleonic Source Book.

Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good!