Sunday, November 11, 2007

More White Coated Tricornes

The Burtzenia troops continue to expand.

These two battalions should be done by the end of next week, then I can get on with clearing off all the old part painted fantasy stuff and then re-org the office and painting areas, with an eye to becoming more efficient!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful! Get those fellows fully uniformed and ready to get on the table.

I'm curious what the Burtzenia mounted troops will look like . . . hopefully they will hit the painting sticks soon.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

There already is a white coated Dragoon regiment that faught in the Bitva u Barva.

They are the ones in the topmost picture just as you login.

abdul666 said...

White-coated infantry... grenadiers in bearskin, then?
Roman Catholics?


MurdocK said...

Sadly no grenadiers in bearskin.

I have some minis in 'helmets' that are fusileers, I use them as 'grenadiers' simply because I do not have the minis to fill out the ranks for grenadier companies and the fusileer helmets are close to the mitre caps (close enough that most players, whom cannot tell the difference between the tricorned troops and the mitre caps, don't care).

I have some "French" that I will be working on in the coming year, but exactly when they will be ready 'en masse' I cannot say.

MurdocK said...

Actually Jean-Louis I forgot that I have a few Grenadiers in bearskin that are in more Napoleonic uniforms (the differences are minimal) so yes I do have some bearskin grenadiers!

andygamer said...

I see you use the very handy M&M meat boxes too. I use the 'Bite Size Sausage Rolls' ones to store my unpainted Austrians; and the 'Oktoberfest Sausage' ones to store my painted Prussians.

MurdocK said...

LOL, yes they are at least reasonably durable since they spend time in freezers.

I have been using them to store extra bits and unpainted minis, only one has any painted ones in it and that one is lined on the bottom with magnetic card stickers.

I do that since all my current collection has 'fender washers' on the bottom of the minis so that I can use magnets to 'sitck' them to their movement bases (this also makes casualty counts easy - just tip out the dead man!)