Thursday, October 18, 2007

Offenbach Order of Battle:

While the situation of what sort of battle will happen at Offenbach on Sunday Oct 21 is still 'fluid' the nature and composition of the forces available to the combattants is not.

Here is the 'snapshot' recce of the forces involved:
For Offenbach, part of the Soweiter League there are three (3) battalions of Infantry a medium battery and an unknown number of Dragoons. The unknown is part of the ongoing diplomatic and reconnaissance functions that these fast moving troops will need to perform over the next few days.

For Frankzonia, there is an Infantry Brigade consisting of three (3) battalions of Infantry, a smattering of skirmish 'jager' type troops and an artillery train of one light and one medium battery. Also there is a 'heavy' cavalry force of two (2) formations of Cuirassier and one (1) heavy formation of Hussars.

For Stagonia, there are three Infantry Brigades, two 'national' ones and a 'mercenary' force of sympathetic Gallian townships. Taken in order then there is a 'heavy' Infantry Brigade of three (3) Battalions, some skirmishers, a medium and a light battery. The second Brigade contains three (3) Battalions and a medium battery. The mercenary force has two (2) Battalions and a light battery. Riding with this force is a heavy cavalry brigade consisting of two (2) Galloper/Trotter formations, a force of Hussars and a force of Dragoons.

The diplomatic situation is not yet 'crystallized' but before that happens the overall military order of battle has.

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