Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Battle by proxy:

There appears to be a battle in the offering between an allied force consisting of the troops of Frankzonia and the Soweiter League going against vile Stagonia

While the exact force composition is not completely clear it would appear that
General L'Haugen Bienz of Frankzonia will command an allied force consisting of:

Frankzonia Cavalry under Brigadier Shlidelisht
Hillary's Hussies: an 800 man Hussar unit
HC Reiters: a 700 man Cuirassier unit
Vinny's Vincibles: a 700 man Cuirassier unit

Frankzonian Infantry under Oberst Pfennighalter
IR Foot Longs 1st Battalion: 600 men
IR Foot Longs 2nd Battalion: 600 men
Frankfurt Guild Militia Battalion: 600 men
along with two artillery batteries, one light and one medium

The Soweiter forces are more 'hazy' in composition at the moment, but consist of:

Two Aide de Camps that will 'shepherd' General L'Haugen Bienz while directing the overall course of the battle...

Soweiter Brigade (whose commander's name has not been gazetted)
A 'regular' Battalion: 600 men
A 'line' Battalion: 600 men
A 'militia' Battalion: 600 men
A 'militia' Battalion: 600 men
one medium artillery battery (recently finished at the nearby Offenbach Works).

This 'allied'* force will have to contend with a sizable marching army coming from the Kingdom of vile Stagonia

The exact details of this attacking army are not known well, however scouts have reported:

A command and staff of the usual compliment, a commander with 2 ADC's.

A large cavalry force with at least four formations, one of which is Cuirass, and one (the largest) is a force of mercenary Dragoons from Gallian townships.

There are two full Infantry Brigades containing at least three battalions of infantry each.

There is also a two battalion strong mercenary contingent of infantry marching with these Stagonians, whether they are only 'for show' or will act as 'scouting raiders' or will stand on the field of battle is not known.

* = it is important to note that neither the Soweiter League nor Frankzonia have formally settled on terms of alliance forces working together and that, as of this writing, they were still having rather heated arguments regarding these dispositions. Stagonian agents are well aware of these developments and informed the field commanders of them.

The allied army will have the task of defending Offenbach and its works, as these are definately the major 'prize' to be had by Stagonia should they manage to overcome the forces of the Soweiter League, something that is all but assured unless they accept the Frankzonian assistance!

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