Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Battle by Proxy at Offenbach

It would appear that the command structure and more details about the forces of the Soweiter League have been published:

In command: General Leopold

Forces in Offenbach:
Hesse-Offenbach Marching Band (line inf.) - commanded by Conductor-Colonel Korngold
Offenbach Militia 1 "Steiner's Strings" - commanded by Col. Steiner
Offenbach Militia 2 "Legrand's Brass" - commanded by Col. Legrand

Offenbach Dragoons - Col. Morriconi

also it would appear that the Works have been very productive recently as there are now two artillery units available.

Artillery Battery 1 "Pachelbel's Cannon" - Conductor Hans Pachelbel
Artillery Battery 2 "Boom Boom Battery"- Conductor Franz Tchaikovsky, it is thought that the Boom Boom Battery are the larger older guns stationed at the walls...

Further rumors have begun to circulate that it is not vile Stagonia that is attacking at all...that this story is a ruse to allow Frankzonia to cross the borders unhindered. The truth of this rumor is yet to be found as many think that the 'rumor' was started by Stagonian agents.


Stagonian Jeff said...


I've no objection to fighting a "proxy battle" . . . but I'm still in a considerable degree of pain discomfort from tweaking my back last Friday.

Currently all of my troops are stored away and I'm not sure that I'm up to being ready by Sunday.

The good news is that I'm feeling a lot better today than yesterday. And I haven't had to take one of the pills that knocks me into LaLa Land today . . . which doesn't mean that I feel great.

If I feel better tomorrow, I'll take a look at how hard it would be to dig some troops out.

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

Here's hoping you feel better soon, Jeff! I now a little about how back pain can lay you low. It's something I wouldn't even wish on a Vile Stagonian agent!

MurdocK said...

Troops should not be a problem (so long as you do not mind them looking a 'bit' Napoleonic).

I have not fully dug through all of the but I think I can muster the needed forces from my own collection if you are 'indisposed'.

I am also currently going back to work on the four formations of troops that should do well as a force of "jagers" and militia!

Back to the brushes and thanks for the note!

MurdocK said...

There are MORE than enough troops, but not all in exactly the right color schemes.

We are go for combat on Sunday!