Thursday, July 26, 2007

Star Trekkin'

While not strictly in connection with tabletop gaming, the STARFLEET role-playing game that I GM has dominated game preparation efforts of late.

Partly due to the upcoming FULL THRUST game planned, in connection with the planned email game "...of Admirals & Moffs" that is also coming up, and due to my discovery of a really neat email application program called CYBERBOARD.

CYBERBOARD was an excellent find!
I had no idea so many great old board games could now be played via the email links!

Also the CYBERBOARD has a set of design tools so that you can 'morph' the old game or make up totally new ones! I have been working on some tools to aid me in running the galactic war for the STARFLEET RPG.

Now why am I getting into this here?

Well CYBERBOARD has a 'game box' for Empires in Arms! A game that I have been seeking for some time, so that I could see if it might be 'converted' for use in eMail or the web, so that my really large Napoleonic campaigns could be 'gamed out' on the grand tableau. All the leg-work is already done! All I need do is find the players!

Also such a board can be easily re-set for 7-Years War era games or use the Fredrick the Great setup which can be found in this list of CYBERBOARD games.

Be warned there are a LOT of them and you may find your night eaten by just 'wondering' over all the titles and recalling great exploits on the tabletop!

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