Friday, July 27, 2007

An alternative to 'casualty caps'.

I think that the 'caps' detract from the game (a bit too much if the 'caps' are really garish = like white or silver pipe cleaners!) and yes I did use them for a while.

No more, in my horse, foot & gun period games as I have the minis 'individually' based on fender washers and 'stick' them to the move bases with magnets. At first I glued on all the magnets to wood, now I have steel bases and moving troops is a snap! I have also discovered that 're-basing' for a different system will be much easier, as in the future, all I need to do is get a different shape of steel base for the 'new' game. As it was for Tricorne Wars, I was able to use the bases I have and 'add' in the flag marker on a bigger fender washer, 'snapping' the mini onto it with a couple of magnets!

Another alternative is to be mentioned for those with "attached" minis, a 'chit' or 'marker' that can be placed behind a wounded unit with the 'number' of hits marked as the number that is 'touching' the base. With a square marker, as shown here you can mark up to 8 casualties (4 on one side, then 'flip' for the other 4), making it perfect for those 9 man units!

Such as those planned by the Bishopric of Uber Gruntshuffen. All that need be done is copy & paste & paste ... into your favourite graphics program and print out on a 'sticky paper' sheet (or a regular one and glue) then stick it to an old cereal box. 1-4 on one side 5-8 on the other. Voila a set of tabletop casualty markers in Uber Gruntshuffen colours!

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