Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some fantasy fun.

One thing about Hordes of the Things that I like is how fast the games play.

It allows for a tournament to actually be played out in one day, with everyone getting in some action.

It can also allow for a campaign to have some forward progress in only a single day.

Today we played out three years of a campaign of four players, with most of the players having painted minis!

It was a bit of fun to see the machiavelli in everyone come out...

I was able to sack one players capitol, with a lucky seige in a fall turn after beating off one of the other players whom had come to break the seige!

Then, in retaliation for seeing my forces in the lead, the other two players declared wars on me and in one year I was reduced to only 2 cities and lost a major field battle at my own capitol. So now I am another players underling...sigh.

Some tense moments and I was able to participate in a few battles.

Instead of the usual "center" city being a freebee, we decided to make it belong to a dragon, that must be driven off each season or finally defeated to capture the space. I liked this idea as it made the combat actions more focussed and allowed for quick games.

Here are a couple of shots:

The Dragon facing the game's current leader (in the one year he went to go and try is luck against the beast).

My Kelmyn host against a cobble-together army of David D's 'from the woodlands'.

I look forward to another few years of the game and then some real Napoleonic action at the Candle Dragon Inn later on the 13th of May.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Hopefully I'll be able to play on the 13th . . . although I wish that you were playing in 25mm instead of 15mm.

Yes, "Hordes of the Things" is a dandy little rule booklet. I particularly like the fact that you can use any figures you want and never have any "expansion" books to purchase (unlike a certain "Evil Empire of the Gaming World" whom we all could name).

-- Jeff

Snickering Corpses said...

What are the two green creatures?

Bluebear Jeff said...


My guess is that they are two Behemoths (probably supposed to be Ents).

They are playing with 15mm troops (at least that's what I was told -- I prefer 25s myself).

By the way, if you've never played it, "Hordes of the Things" is a very good little game. It doesn't require many figures (so you can build LOTS of armies); and in many people's opinion is by far the best game in the DBx tradition.

It is lots of fun . . . and I should be able to play in the next game at Murdock's (mid-May).

-- Jeff

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Snickering Corpses,

The green creatures are classed as behemoths in the game, they were made from gardening wire by one of the players (current micro-tourney leader). He also has been working on smaller ones (harder to do with the tools than just his hands - as he did with the bigger ones) to use as lurkers or hordes or warband.

We are using the version published in 1991 (version 1 I am guessing), but from what I understand the differences between the two is that the new one has less "barkereese".