Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More linkages!

It seems that the MarauderS and Mieczyslaw is getting around in Grimsby.

While setting up my new computer system (using it now to enter this information), I came across an entry in MiniatureWars.Com for not only MarauderS and Mieczyslaw, but also many other of the 18th Century circle.

I was poking around the MiniatureWars.Com entries and came across this link:


For generating fictional army commanders.

Not only is it entertaining and humerous, I can see a way that it could be put to good use in a tabletop setting ... now if only I could get Bluebear on side.

I will also be adding a link to the MiniatureWars.Com location.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

"Tricorne Wars" already has a personality for generals . . . but there is nothing to say that we couldn't generate a number of these and then place them with the various command officers we have to further "humanize" them.

I would like to set up another "play test" where the command & control aspects get a workout. Unfortunately, I don't think that it will be possible until after we've moved and had a bit of time to get settled in.

-- Jeff