Friday, April 27, 2007

Discussion of scales:

One of the other blogging sites was chatting about the various scales that thier minis were in (as the writer appeared to have different manufacturers).

The Miniatures Page has a very good discussion about all of this:

All About Scales

For my own part I like the more traditional 25mm scale for painting, I had gotten into much 15mm stuff, but found that the bigger 25mm's were easier to paint (even in quantity), they stand-up better to rougher handling (as the crashed box of minis, just enroute to a convention, did not have any damage to any minis!), and have moulds available so that I can produce what I want in the Napoleonic range.

What are your views?

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Snickering Corpses said...

Up until I got into the SYW period, all of my figures were plastics and in the 20-25mm range. Ostensibly, they're all 25mm, but some of them certainly come closer to 20.

With Stokes Schwartz having inspired me to use RSM figures for my Hesse-Engelburg troops, I'm now in the 30mm range for those.