Monday, March 23, 2020

ECW: New Model Army Battalia

I cleared off my painting space today as the Pike & Shot battalia for the New Model Army was finished painting and had been matte coated.

Flags are, as yet, unfinished as the ravages of the isolation preparation and ongoing work to keep a house of five people -sort of- functioning.

overall view of the four pike & shotte regiments
I am hoping to either get out to print the flags soon, or I shall start a painting of some stand in ones for use on the tabletop.


I am in workups to do live tabletop and computer versions of board games via electronic means.

Currently I'm setting up a account and shall be preparing to run some games in the coming week.

I'll be doing the games on my smaller table at first since my wife needs the main dining room table for sewing issues.

Much of that will be done by April 13 and I plan to run a couple of different table top games the following weekend.

It would be wonderful to connect with more of you live.

no flags yet

these troops are sporting the 'full point' of the pikes like my Oxford Royalists

a grim addition to the Parliament forces


Jonathan Freitag said...

Impressive looking battalia! Well done.

Codsticker said...

Great production Murdock. I admit, it is easier to appreciate the painting with the matte finish.