Sunday, February 16, 2020

English Civil War Dragoons & Horses at rest

With a busy winter schedule I have not taken the time to document all of the painting that has been done.  I finished the pirates in January and after looking at the coming games planned in the English Civil War period there is an acute need for more dragoon miniatures and for horses that are not yet mounted or as horses 'held' back from where the dragoon line was fighting.

This set of dragoons were done from the last week of January to the 10th of February, then had to wait for dry weather to get their matte coating.  Yes matte coating, I am in the process of re-coating all of the English Civil War miniatures with a matte coat since it appears they photograph better when along side the matte finish of Rob's many troops and wonderful buildings.

2 sets of 'horses at rest' to be used as held horse

two more sets of 'horses held'

Royalist Dragoons

Parliamentary Dragoons
That catches me up on the painting, next will be the two campaign battles of Stratton and Glastonbury that have been played over the winter of 2019-20; where history was changed ...

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