Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Teddy Bear fur grass terrain test #1

I have been toying around the idea of using Teddy Bear fur for grass matting in the tabletop games.

I took a few minutes to experiment around with a blanket of fur like material I found a a 'dollar store':

a command stand (my magnetic stand is under the material)
green grass paper on top of the fur grass

metal magnetic stands are under the fur
I was able to pull the blanket with the three horse stands magnetized to it, so the material is not too thick to have the magnets still be useful

horse with the grass paper stands on top of the fur

I believe I can dye the fur, this light green is just not dark enough, and then still be able to cut it up and extra flocking it for use as both table covering and the base stand covers.

It will make the smaller battles of the English Civil War era come to better life.

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