Trading Post - STAR WARS Chess Set


Currently available set seen in the photos.

Based around the adventures of Luke Skywalker this chess set features characters most seen in the film
Return of the Jedi
The Full set

The Empire side

King - The Emperor
Queen - Darth Vader
Bishop - Imperial Guardsmen
Kinght - Grand Admiral Thrawn & Captain Paelleon and Boba Fett & IG88
Rook - TIE fighters
Pawn - Stormtroopers

This chess set is includes the basic pieces and a second Queen for both sides.

The Rebel side

King - Admiral Ackbar
Queen - Princess Leia
Bishop - Han & Chewie and R2D2 & C3PO
Kinght - Luke and Ben
Rook - X-Wing fighters
Pawn - Ewoks

ASKING $280 for the 34 piece set, 
includes the wooden board and storage box with cut foam.

There are also 'single pieces' available.
They are not always available in quantity and pose.

Contact me:

and we can arrange for what your needs are

Single miniatures are available from the chess set(s)

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