Monday, July 31, 2017

Brushworks in July

The past few months have been filled up with other responsibilities and time for getting the painting space into a workable condition was just not available until late June.  With the painting space re-organized and more (hopefully) time open for painting I looked over the shambles of a planning list and paint projects.

Thankfully I have the habit now of not leaving projects in 'half done' condition.  Either I push and get them finished or surrender and sell them off.

With my wife and I 'working' the Sunday markets at Discovery Pier, or Pier Street Farmers Market, I have used the space to exhibition my painting works and play a little chess.

The need to have a 'hot item' was weighing on me and so the Star Wars chess sets became the top of the list to complete.

whenever I do a set I also do some 'extra singles' for quick sale as a $300 chess set is out of most people's budget; while a $10 single mini is more likely inside that budget.

Near the beginning of the month detailed cleaning started, with a re-count of the metal bases I had and organizing the minis into their 'sets'.

After two weeks the metal was mostly ready, now I had to clear off the space to have the minis wait while the paint dried (books and other items were shoved where ever they could fit during the office re-org in June).

Then on Monday the process of painting started.

Tuesday night, the first layers were on.
With a few delays from sudden other higher priority needs coming up (two days worth!), I was going to have to start burning the candle at both ends to get the minis done for the Sunday market.

Thursday night progress (okay really Friday at 2 am, but who's counting?)
With a solid two days of work and time to let the clear coat set up I managed to flock the minis Saturday evening and have the felts put on the bases by 1 am Sunday.

All done, just need to get the boxes ready to hold them firm in the foam.
The foam cutting was done quickly and I decided to let the flocking and clear coat set up more so that the foam did not get stuck to anything that might be still a bit 'damp'.

In the morning all was packed into the waiting foam trays and off to the market we went!



The Set
I also realized that I did not yet have good photos of the other chess sets done last year, so here are some eye candy shots.

Babylon 5
Greek Gods

Greek Gods
Phew!  It was a tiring week and I slept late on this Monday so as to catch up for the many nights lost last week.

Up next on the work bench are more English Civil War troops, as I have now received the Foundry Minis of the "Wars of Religion" to work with for my Cornish Royalist forces.

Then more time goes into the Pulp games plans that Rob and I have for this coming year's Salute in Burnaby.

Have a great Autumn campaign season everyone!

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