Thursday, December 29, 2016

Rise of Rome - DBA demo games

This past Wednesday was an opportunity to share my 15mm ancients collection with full terrain and put on a six army show.

Legion Italica
I had resolved that were my 15mm minis not put into action this year that my need for them had gone and it was time to move them onto a new, more active owner.

Thus it became imperative after I discovered that there was at least one other game player that was interested in the period and wanted to learn the DBA game system.

So for our first of three 'holiday bring and play' game days I was able to put on a show of this Rise of Rome game system.

campaign map, as seen at start of Spring year 1
six full armies ready for action

I managed to have six active players that threw themselves into the concept of the era and slammed into battle at ROME twice in the Spring move!

The main battle featured a potential five players with armies or contingents, only four managed to get onto the field of battle yet the tension was measurable.

There was at least enough interest to keep the15mm set intact and to potentially see it in action again.

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