Thursday, December 29, 2016

REBELLION - Board Game

I had the occasion to want to see, handle and possibly use the pieces; particularly the space ships, from the new REBELLION board game.  In seeking access to the pieces I found that it was cheaper to order the full game than to just get a sample of the pieces.

Once the game arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the total product.

I then resolved to play out a few games and see what potential the system had.

This Thursday we had a bring and play day at our library games space, so I announced to one and all that the game would be out and they could have access for a busy four player game.

the board fully laid out takes up the better part of a 3x6 table

control cards and simple logos make the game fast to learn and play

card driven mechanics allow for a cinematic experience while the map forces some physical reality onto the game players

the models include 'under construction' death star and all the big Rebel and Imperial ships

this game featured a destruction of the Rebel base and an Empire victory!

game mechanics include such things as taking Rebels prisoner
A fun game to play and because of the card mechanics and flexibility of the system no two games will ever really play out the same way.

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