Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hedgehog of Piepsk a Squad Leader Game

Looking to challenge myself in my rules understanding I chose to run a Squad Leader game, out in the Russian steppes of 1941...

The Germans had set up a 'hedgehog' to hold a towm.

Russians are assaulting said town at dawn.

10 turns.

the game was designed to last 10 turns ... in the event it only lasted 8

Russians advanced in three columns, two covered by hills the third, and largest, coming on the flank
the center column, not knowing where any Germans were, ended up scattered in the street from the first burst of MG fire

the Soviets had taken one of the five objectives before any accurate mortar fire could be directed
in the event, that mortar fire was devastating, though the center MGs appear to have run out of ammunition
by turn 8 it was clear that there were not enough Soviet squads left unbroken to achieve any more results
The deadly combination of MGs directed by good leaders and 81mm mortar fire make it impossible for the Soviets to break into much of the town.  Indeed, had the German Sergeant at the radio directing the mortars managed to keep contact a bit better the battle would have been over by turn 6.

To win this battle the Soviets need some 'bad luck' on the part of the Germans.


Jonathan Freitag said...

Are you playing the original SL or ASL?
I played SL and its add-ons frequently in the 80s but never made the transition to ASL. Haven't played in decades but I recall it being great fun.

MurdocK said...


I have Cross of Iron, Crescendo of Doom and Gi: Anvil of Victory and plan to revive them with my son(s).

So far only luke warm interest, yet there are game days planned at the Library this winter, where I plan to introduce more folks and see if I can find players.

Potentially there are also games that could be played using the SL gamebox for Cyberboard.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Good luck getting your boys interested.
It is a fine system. The benefit our older generation had with the series is that we played the heck out of each one before the sequel was released. For us, that "programmed approach" worked well to instill both the rules and tactics.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I have an idea I played this scenario as the Soviet Commander way back in about 1981 or thereabouts. As I recall it I managed to take 3 of the 5 objective buildings, but lacked the strength (or maybe it was time - it was a long time ago) to take out the last two. But I did have the Germans almost surrounded with what was left of my guys towards the end there.

I've always wanted to translate that scenario into a tabletop war game (e.g. Command Decision) but not owning a set myself only dimly remembered the outlines. I have since discovered there is a figure wargaming version of Squad Leader, but have never played it.

MurdocK said...

For Archduke Piccolo, there are .pdf copies of all the scenario sheets on the web now.

Knowing that each squad is 10 men, leader=1 and each man-portable weapons (LMG, MMG, HMG) makes it possible to re-build the scenario completely.

The map boards are also all available on board-game geek, in their sometimes reduced formats, yet that is all that is needed to re-create the topography for use in a minis game.