Friday, October 16, 2015

For God, King and Country - a cyberboard campaign system

I have been experimenting again with Cyberboard, an electronic board-game system, this time with an aim to create the "For God, King and Country" campaign system.  This way the tabletop games will have a meaning beyond the battle of the moment and we will have an ongoing record-keeping system to manage the forces and to generate future combats.

a fairly simple map
I wanted the map simple, so as to allow for the fast transition to action on the tabletop.

Since the For God, King and Country system has its own map generation and overall control mechanisms this makes leaving the map simple much easier.

Now to play a few more battles and see what stage the other players want to take with the forces....


Jonathan Freitag said...

Terrific idea! I have often pondered using Clash of Arms' The King's War boardgame as a campaign battle generator. Never made it farther than pondering, however.

Good luck to you!

tim said...

Interesting... I'll be keeping my eye on this to see how it turns out.

MurdocK said...

Jonathan, there is a full Gamebox for Cyberboard of "The Kings War" already done and ready to use for your campaign system.

Jonathan Freitag said...

A ready-made Cyberboard set would simplify things considerably, wouldn't it?