Sunday, October 12, 2014

What I did over the summer ... now a Chess Set

So, just like a report written in grade school, here I lay out some of what I did over the past summer.
combined with the cast metal bases the troops became good chessmen

My wife set up a booth at the local farmers market, she had space for a helper and room to sell 'whatever' to compliment her Tarot Card readings.

Originally she had a friend that was doing essential oils and aroma therapy, though her friend would not be able to be there for the whole summer, so my wife asked if I would like to sell minis.

I decided to put together some Napoleonic troops and then added the Dr Who stuff that I had, including the chess set.

While there were many questions about the set and the minis brought some smiles, the sales were slim, until the last two weeks of the market, when some of them sold.
artillery become rooks, flags become bishops

Realizing that I would have many of the Napoleonic ones remaining, I decided to make a new chess set.

These photos show the results, soon to be offered on sale on eBay at $240 for the full set, shipping included, as the set comes in a nice sturdy carry case.  You will have to supply your own board though.

the full set in starting positions on my custom chess table


Archduke Piccolo said...

H'mmm I had missed these! Judging by the position of Napoleon I infer that the French stand for the White pieces?

This is a very nice looking set, and well thought out. Well done!

MurdocK said...

Thank you

They are still on eBay at the moment.

By swapping the king/queen start positions you can choose either side to be 'white'.


Doug said...

I just found your blog! Amazing amount of casting and painting. I love those yellow dragoon/lancers!