Tuesday, October 07, 2014

ECW Parliamentary forces progress update

The final horse units are done.

color progression, the undercoat, inks and finished product
Using the speed method for horse painting, these only took some eight days to get painted once the base-coat layer dried.

On deck now are the final three Pike and Shotte regiments and 30 casualty 'markers'.  They are medieval era minis, yet the uniforms are so close as to be able to make do as English Civil War era dead ...

bare metal of the last three regiments
some casualty markers
What sort of minis do you use for marking casualties?


Jonathan Freitag said...

That is a lot of figures to tackle in one blow!

For my ECW project, I do not use casualty figures since the rules I use require casualty tracking. I could mount one casualty figure onto each units status markers.

I do use figures to denote a broken unit. Again, using my ECW project as an example, I field Redoubt's CWX24 (monk) and CWX25 (minister) to signify that a broken unit is in need of "saving."

Bluebear Jeff said...

Ouch! While I am delighted to see your excellent progress on our ECW front, I have been pretty much side-lined for the past ten days or so with attacks of both gout and kidney stones . . . resulting in no progress on my cavalry.

Indeed I am on heavy-duty pain meds as I try to type this . . . so I daren't attempt to do anything figure-wise (you wouldn't believe how many typos I've had to correct in typing this).

I think that your casualty markers will work fine . . . but I haven't even thought about any yet.

Congrats again on finishing your cavalry.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Which one gets better results the Monk or the Minister?

Made me smile at the imagery.

Keep up your strength Jeff, we shall see these troops on the table soon.

For now I am seeing a playtest or two with Pike & Shotte and at least one of Forlorn Hope.

I would also like to have a go at the Canadian Wargames Group rules: For God, King and Country.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Monk or Minister?

I use the monk to rally the Royalists and the Puritan minister is there to rally the roundhead faithful.