Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cossacks facing off against Lancers, Chasseurs and Dragoons - oh MY!

Another skirmish battle for a wave of Cossacks ... this time facing some much more skilled opposition, Lancers Polonais and Chasseur a Cheval along with - what must now be called "Courtenay's Dragoons"

Cossacks vs. Lancers, Chasseurs and Dragoons - oh my!
This was a skirmish match-up between three squads of Cossacks with 8 riders each and one squad of 7 riders each of Lancers, Chasseurs and Dragoons.  The game was played at the Candle Dragon Inn, a space and group that meets weekly for role-play, board-game and other tabletop games.

Field of battle in action, a mix of fields, woods and hills
The Cossacks were in their overnight location of a couple of abandoned farm houses, with a set of woods and hills in the area.

Dawn attack of the French saw the Cossacks being the ones to move the most!  Using a simple red/black card system from an ordinary Hoyle deck, we moved the cossacks when a red card came up, and many did during the first turn.

The second turn was more balanced and now the fight was in full swing!

skirmish fighting was in action all over the field from early on
There was a low hill in the center of the field, this was to see the first and last action of the day with a wild series of action swings back a forth.

By turn three the French had overcome the numbers of the Cossacks and now were wearing the down with lances and sword (indeed only a handful of dead men did not use all their pistols in the first three turns).

the dimmer light of the Candle Dragon Inn causes the sepia tint in this photo
Now the French were getting all the moves and during the start of turn 4 it was clear the Cossacks could not win ... could any escape?

Chasseur Trumeter and Dragoons surround some Cossacks
Only four of the original 25 Cossacks escaped with their lives ... only one was unharmed.  Three of them were to reach the Headquarters and warn their superior commander that important French cavalry units were already surrounding the area.  If there was to be an escape from the trap, then it must be NOW!

My thanks to David, Mike, Mike, Peter, Jeff & Courtenay for playing out the action.


Rafael Pardo said...

Poor Cossacks!
Were penalysed the Cossacks in some way when facing regular troops in your rules?

MurdocK said...

In this encounter, yes the Cossacks were facing wayy better quality forces .... shh (Imperial Guard).

So the result was not surprising ...

What was surprising was that so many of the survivors actually reported to the field Headquarters.

Ross Mac said...

Sounds like a fun pub evening and certainly looks good.

MurdocK said...

Yes Ross, it most certainly would fit for a 'beer and pretzels' game.

Jiminho said...

It is tough to be a cossack!

But oh oh - was this a campaign skirmish? Where did this one play out?

MurdocK said...

um, not telling ... Jim

heh heh

Jiminho said...

Ha! Very good them...or very bad!