Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 2013 project Austrian Horse

Hello again.

For April 2013 I have set the task of painting 44 Austrian Cavalry.

They will depict Hussars, Uhlans, Dragoons and Cuirassier.

Again, for inspiration I shall refer to the Funcken images.

Austrian Napoleonic era Cavalry Uniforms as illustrated by the Funckens
I have a question for you dear reader of the MarauderS blog:

Do you gain any value from the 'in progress' images or discussions of my modelling and painting techniques?

Please do comment and let me know your view.

Here are the bare metal of the horse now on the painting desk.

44 bare metal horse for April's painting effort


Mike said...

Good luck, hope you have fun with this. I also use the Funkens as a painting guide. I am interested in techniques and pictures of unpainted figures and then the finished product. Unless a specific technique is being explained, the "in progress" pictures don't normally draw my attention.

Archduke Piccolo said...

Yes. I'm always interested in what people are doing, and the methods they use. As it happens, I have an Austrian Napoleonic army of my own, mostly Minifigs, but some other figures as well, including even plastics to fill gaps.

I think just about everyone's favorite Austrian hussar unit is the 4th - its uniform, its military record, even the name of its inhaber, all contribute to its attraction: the Hessen-Homburg Hussars.

Rafael Pardo said...

I am always learning, so please post your progresses efforts step by step!

Bluebear Jeff said...

As you know, I am not interested in Napoleonics, your posts DO keep me apprised of what you are working on.

-- Jeff

MurdocK said...

Thank you for the feedback gentlemen.

I do value the interaction!

Jiminho said...

Hi David,

You have been painting at a fearsome clip!

Normally I am only moderately interested in WIP things but am always interested to see how people use techniques I don' t know about. I'm impressed by the results of your blue and grey undercoat, your kaiserliks are really sharp and I would never have thought of that technique on my own. So, many thanks for teaching me something. The ID tags were a good idea as well. You could make a few dollars on those. I tried to leave a message there but it appears that I did not hit "submit".

PS : hussars,in my opinion, are no place for subtle understatement, except perhaps for Phil Olley's Edelweiss Hussars. The Austrians have the best of the Nap. wars hussar uniforms, what with all that Parrot Green, non-black shakos and clashing colour schemes. How better to scare the French? Camouflage? Phft. That is for craven infantrymen. Go big or go home!

MurdocK said...

Thanks Jim.

You can see the tags in action in some of the FPGA game photos.

Not too sure they could be of all that much value, unless you are using the steel sheets and magnets the way I do you would not have anywhere to put them.