Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Campaign of Nations - Cyberboard tools complete

The cyberboard game box for the Campaign of Nations (1813) has been sent out to the prospective players today.

In another week I plan to set up some conversations about the game and start a test run.
Just the 'pieces' on the map, no details as you need to have cyberboard to get that data

For now I share with you, dear readers, this sample map from the game box.


Jiminho said...

Hi Murdock,

The map looks good and I'm happy to see it; I had tried to open the files you sent with my downloaded version of Cyberboard, without success. I'll try again on another computer this evening, children permitting.

MurdocK said...

One is the 'toolkit' the other is the 'scenario'.

Tool kit you open with the designer and scenario you open with the 'play' version of Cyberboard.