Monday, October 01, 2012

Maloyaroslavets Playtesting #2

I was able to leave the table 'as is' overnight and got to finish up to turn 6 before having to pull it all apart and serve dinner.

Turn 4 was the first real PUSH by the Russians to get into one of the two major sections of Maloyaroslavets.
By turn 4 the center was becoming loaded with action

Two brigades were crowded forward then  moved to strike together at the one Italian brigade that was holding the building.  This brigade had actually moved OUT because of a withdraw result in an earlier turn.  A part of the FPGA rules that I am still in a mixed feeling about are the sometimes unpredictable results that can come once control dice have run out - which happens when turns run to the full 4 'pulses'!

The defensive bonuses were just too much and both Russian brigades fell back with 40% losses, while the Italians took 20%.
Still the Italians were arriving, with only one major bridge they were having problems keeping up the fighting at the front

Meanwhile the Italians and French Allied forces were still arriving ... Preysing's Cheveauleger managed to get in the way of the bridge by having a 'hold' order show up at just the wrong time.

By Turn 5 the meat grinder in the valley of death was in full operation, with Cossack, Chasseur and Cheveauxleger charges and counter-charges running over the ground soon to be filled with cannons!

Seen from the Cossacks flank the 'valley of death' was clearly the warmest place on the field

Turn 5 also saw the arrival of Napoleon and Kutuzov.

The new personality model for Kutuzov arrives on the field, leading part of III Corp and the army reserve artillery
Napoleon arrives and sends off his stepson Eugene to keep the Italians moving on the flank
 The French took full advantage of this and launched Eugene off in his Wing commander role to keep a column of jittery Italians moving on the Russian right flank.

Rushing across the bridge and to the left flank Eugene will now also take on active battlefield command
The whole field as seen from the French left flank
Within the turn another attempt would be made at the outer section of Maloyaroslavets, again being repulsed.  While in the valley of death, the artillery duel at canister range raged on tearing great swaths in the ranks of both sides.

Another Russian attack into Maloyaroslavets is repulsed by the Italians
Still undaunted a fresh Russian Division from III Corps now makes its weight in numbers felt, as Kutuzov also lends his command weight to the assault into outer Maloyaroslavets - this time the Italian brigade is utterly destroyed and the Russians swarm into the town.

climbing man over man the third assault into Maloyaroslavets is successful

It was here that my time ran short so I decided to wrap up the playtest ... most certainly this battle is very close and there are potentials for all sorts of mayhem and changes to the battle from history.

The Italians main headache is keeping the flow going across that single bridge, it must be kept open as possible so that the flow of traffic does not bog down and prevent fresh troops from reaching the FEBA.

The vital bridge traffic under the watchful eye of Eugene

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