Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Campaign of Nations

Leipzig, this is the big one ...
I have started the blog and process for the 1813 campaign plan that has been percolating in the background for some time.

You will find the blog at:


In the blog I have the Order of Battle for all the principle armies and have set out their Troop Strengths as will be used in GURPS Mass Combat as a relative strength comparison tool, as well as the combat system to 'abstract' those battles that we do not have proxy tabletop players to run the battle for.

To date I have three local (Courtenay, BC) area players, one more in Canada, one in USA, one in Spain, one in United Kingdom and three in Australia.  The playtest is still planned for starting in mid November and there is still plenty of room for any tabletops or players to join in.

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